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EN 15085-2
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Formerly Kumaran Industries Kumaran Engineering Bhopal Pvt. Ltd. Fabricate Dreams into Quality. About Us

Improve productivity through continuous improvement.

Strive for excellence through standardization.

Assure safe & healthy workplace.

Little About Us

Kumaran had started the journey in the Capital of Central region of India; Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in 1972 as special fabrication works.

Today Kumaran has two verticals in product portfolio. Being a metal fabrication industry, we offer fabricated components for industries like indian and european railways, electrical heavy machine industries and blowers for industrial applications.

Our Client

Kumaran is an EN 15085-2 Certified Company. We Build Right, We Weld Right and We add bond to your relationship.


As part of our commitment to offer superior quality, high performance products, Kumaran recently decided to install a new AMCA 210 test chamber at our facilities.

Standard Vibration test is performed on all blowers and impeller assemblies. The assemblies are rigidly held and with the use of high- tech and high-end equipment.

Making sure to our customers that a fan will safely operate at the speed that they have specified, Kumaran has invested in overspeed chambers for the testing

We are a leading Aerospace steels manufacturer. Our special grade steels are being used in commercial and military aerospace projects.

When a flow through the heat exchanger or the cooling units is disturbed, a pressure drop (ΔP) is created, i.e. the flow pressure at the beginning of a passage is higher than at its end.

Welding in the production of railway vehicles is an important process for the safety of public transport. EN 15085 establishes quality criteria to ensure that the basic welding technical requirements are met.

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We not only sell products and parts but we are also well known for our use of technologies and innovations in manufacturing a soulful product.

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Working at Real Factory means being able to commit resolutely to one thing and growing from it. As an individual and as a whole – in a family enterprise that creates fascinating products around the world. Once you experience it, you’ll want to stay.