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EN 15085-2
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Static as well as Dynamic Balancing

Fan Balancing is one of the many services that Kumaran offers. The goal of balancing is to reduce our manufacturing downtime by eliminating the need to disassemble our equipment and transport the fan or impeller.

Fan imbalance is detected by using highly sensitive balancing machines only dedicated to fan manufacturing set- up. Fan imbalance is usually corrected by adding weights to an impeller either at one plane or at Two planes. Weights are generally welded or bolted or bolts can be added by drilling through the Front or Back Plate of the fan.

We strictly follow ISO 1940 for balance quality requirements. Kumaran balances all Impellers to a minimum of an ISO G6.3 dynamic balance. In addition, Kumaran offers a tighter balance to G2.5 and on some Impellers a G1.0 complete with a certified balance report.

We can rebalance any manufacturer’s Fan and Impeller assemblies to meet the vibration level requirements and standards.