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Fans and transformer tank for Railways

Traction transformers are critical components in the traction chain, affecting both train performance and operator services. We supply traction transformers tanks for all applications: high-speed, commuter and regional trains, locomotives, tram-trains and AC metros offering different designs in terms of size, weight and power ratings.
More than half the world’s electrical locomotives and train sets are powered by ABB transformers, and the vast majority of the world’s train manufacturers and rail operators rely on them.

ABB’s traction transformers are integral to this capability. They have to be compact, lightweight and exceptionally reliable, as they are often a non-redundant traction component.
Kumaran being an dedicated supplier for these traction transformer tank by complying to every needs and aspects of the design and manufacturing process. We created a manufacturing set up that solely fulfils the needs of the World’s leading company in this field. We are proud to be a vendor of ABB Geneva. With the joint efforts of Kumaran and ABB we were able to fabricate these tanks with best production tactics and manufacturing processes aiming to provide the best quality tanks with no failures.

Understanding the end use of these tanks have made us more alert and devoted towards manufacturing and the system we use for manufacturing and fabrication as they got to be out of harm’s way in the locomotives involving many lives. So here in Kumaran we take utmost care with the material used and these materials are lab tested for it’s chemical and mechanical properties before being used. The special processes like welding and painting are severely monitored by welding co-ordinators and paint specialist in our team.
Keeping safety and environment in our mind and heart we pledge to create, innovate and develop in every step we take.