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EN 15085-2
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Painting to meet the steel fabrication life up to 40 years

Paint is the most commonly used material to protect steel. Kumaran’s Paint systems for steel fabrication have developed over the years to comply with the requirement of the product to last up to 40 years and the industrial environmental legislation.

Spray painting the products with either solvent-based epoxy paints or water-based paints we have got all of them under one roof. With a world-class down draft spray booth as well as baking ovens and highly trained paint specialist we guarantee our customers a high-class classy finish to our products.

With industrial metal paints and coatings suitable for cladding, structural steel, heat resistant purposes, priming new materials, delivering anti-corrosive protection to marine and off-shore environments, treating and covering rust and high glossy finish or matt finish surfaces. Kumaran promises to impart a delightful experience of painting systems to its products.

In addition to this, Kumaran is dedicated to protect the environment and thoroughly follows strict norms and standard for waste disposals of paint and hazardous wastes. Our waste disposal management pledge to keep the environment clean and safe.