ISO 9001:2015
EN 15085-2
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Welding to meet EN 15085-2 Certification

Welding in the production of railway vehicles is an important process for the safety of public transport. EN 15085 establishes quality criteria to ensure that the basic welding technical requirements are met.
The EN 15085-2 compliance certification attests to the requirements for welding personnel in the production of railway vehicles, components and subassemblies, whenever it is expressly required by manufacturers or specified in requirements or contracts.
This certification is an increasingly important guarantee of quality in and outside the EU for the acceptance of welded works on the market and in the railway industry.

Team of Kumaran has invested a lot of time and efforts to obtain the quality and standards of EN 15085 certification. With vigorous training and exclusive devotion, we have been supplying products to meet these specifications of welding for more than years now.

Through the combination of high-tech welding machines, skilled welders and highly knowledgeable welding coordinators we provide world class welded products with zero-defects. Kumaran has a wide range of WPS and WPQR which is continuously enhanced and improved day by day.  We also do Marco-testing of the welding joints to prove these procedures and welding parameters, assuring utmost safety and life of the product.