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EN 15085-2
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Air Performance Testing

As part of our commitment to offer superior quality, high performance products, Kumaran recently decided to install a new AMCA 210 test chamber at our facilities. Through the testing room we can run performance testing on axial and centrifugal impellers and blowers, and help you choose the right product for your needs. Our wind tunnel is Designed according to AMCA 210 and ISO 5801 standard – testing methods for fans performance.

The Chamber allows the measurement of the performances of Impellers in conditions very similar to the real applications conditions. Furthermore, thanks to the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements, it is possible to make precise considerations about the effect of planning and constructing variations of the plant where the fan is installed. The chamber allows also to quantify the normalized performances of the fan, useful to certify the system performances and compare them with those declared for similar products (certified according to same standards).

The smart layout of the test bench and the available surface for fan testing, allows us to test Axial and centrifugal fans of various dimensions according to EN ISO 5801 and AMCA 210 standards.

Our test chamber section is 2m×2m and its length is around 9 m (including the auxiliary fan), while the height is around 2m. Considering also the area where fan under test is located the total length become approximately 12mt. This Chamber set up is capable of measuring the airflow up to 35,000 m3/hr.

The fans Exceeding this air flow limit are tested further through the duct testing methods using Pitot tube traverse method, following the AMCA 210 and EN ISO 5801 standards of testing.

Motors are driven via specific frequency converters; the chamber is also equipped with a high-speed data acquisition system, managed by internal software, for the acquisition of the electrical and mechanical performance of the fan and motor. The principal data acquired are: airflow, static pressure, absorbed power, absorbed current, motor temperature, system efficiency.

Extremely reliable chamber to test impellers, collect performance data and make them available to test customers’ fans and release a detailed report. This Important tool serves as fuel to test and develop new products and design customized solutions for our customer.